6 Health Benefits – Living with Dogs

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Writer, Sharon Wood

6 Health Benefits – living with dogs

Living with dogs has been known to exacerbate allergies in people allergic to dog dander.  While this is an unfortunate fact, did you know that living with dogs can actually improve your health?  The “Medical Daily”, a website for health-related articles and information, claims that there are 6 known health benefits to humans living with their furry “best friend”.  The article by Lizette Borreli, “Man’s Best Friend May Boost Immune System: 6 Health Benefits Of Owning A Dog”at:  http://www.medicaldaily.com/mans-best-friend-may-boost-immune-system-6-health-benefits-owning-dog-328414, lists these six health benefits:  Greater Physical Activity; Reduced Immune Problems; Detection of Low Blood Sugar Levels;  Lower Stress Levels;  Reduced Incidences of Depression;  and Cancer Detection.  

Clearly, dog ownership can bring greater health benefits as well as a brighter outlook on life.  What are some of your positive experiences as a dog owner?

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