Above and Beyond the Call of Doodie

Dear Readers;

As a Dog Mom of a beautiful, and smart, rescue dog (Chloe), I am committed to making sure she has the absolute best care available (and affordable) to me. It came as a bit of a shock when I first discovered, thanks to my vet, that the strange odor I’d been smelling when I hugged Chloe came from 2 “anal glands” that were overloaded with her scent oil. My vet suggested I have her anal glands “expressed” by a vet tech. What a surprise! I knew nothing about this necessity, but I quickly learned that the glands are emptied either externally (for novice gland-cleaners) or internally (vet tech territory).
I was glad I decided to have them “expressed” by the vet tech because it is a vile-smelling chore best left to the experts. Also, the external method doesn’t always result in success.

I was pleased to notice that the strange odor was gone, replaced with the fresh-smelling shampoo with which she’d been washed.

Does anyone know about this anal gland situation? Please post your reply so we can all learn from you!

Daisy Dogmom

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