Dogfood Debate Part 2

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Writer, Sharon Wood

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               As the current dogfood crisis grows, threatening  the health of our dogs, and ourselves, it is  imperative that we find a safe way to feed our pets. The latest threat has been found in pig ears (a chewy treat for dogs) containing salmonella bacteria.  For example, in a news story found at (, reporter Jessica Patrick, (WRAL’s “Out & About” and Web News Editor for , writes that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) stated “salmonella discovered  in pig ear treats can infect people, too, either when they handle the treats or directly catch it from a dog once it becomes ill.”   The CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) are investigating a “multistate outbreak of salmonella infections linked to contact with pig ear dog treats” .  Sadly, according to a CNN Newsource report (from, 93 people have been  infected with salmonella so far, and 20 have been hospitalized.  Health care officials are urging pet owners to use caution and practice good handwashing techniques.

               What about our dogs???  The symptoms of salmonella in dogs include fever, vomiting and/or bloody diarrhea.  If your dog exhibits any of these difficulties, go immediately t to a veterinarian or emergency vet’s office.   Also, please contact the Safety Reporting Portal on the web to get further instructions on how to treat this infection. You can reach them online at:

               This catastrophe has strengthened my resolve to find a nutritious, safe and appealing dog food (and treats!) with which to feed my very best friends;  Pumpkin, Sunshine, Pickles and Fred . It’s my responsibility to make sure the food I offer them is safe and will help them stay healthy.  What can we do to ensure we can provide our pets with the very best? Please send your thoughts, favorite  recipes for homemade dog food, and strategies to with which to deal with this very sad, and very bad, situation.

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