Dog Food Debate with Daisy

Dog Food Debate with Daisy

Hi, fellow dog lovers!  My name is Daisy, and  I am hosting this new forum through which we can share our knowledge and skills in caring for our beloved four-legged family members . Today we discuss dog food and the issues related to the safety of commercial dog food.

     Has anyone here worried about the safety of your dog’s food?  I’ve seen many scary articles, posted on the internet, about commercial dog foods’ being recalled in an effort, on the part of the dog food manufacturers and the FDA, to stem the rising tide of foodborne pathogens contained in various dog foods.

      I have always endeavored to feed my dog a nutritious, balanced diet.  I’m sure you do the same:  find the best food from among the many choices available to dogs, that is within your budget, and fits your lifestyle.  There are many different choices on the market, ranging from dry food, canned food, refrigerated “fresh” food, freeze-dried food and even “raw” food.  I have tried dry and canned dog food,  as well as prescription dog food (the concept of needing a prescription from a veterinarian in order to purchase dog food, at a ridiculously high price, continues to be a peculiar practice to me). 

      No matter how expensive or “organic” the food I offered her, my dog slowly became unable to digest commercial dog food.  My veterinarian diagnosed her with a digestive problem and advised me to feed her only cooked rice, boiled chicken, and canned vegetables.  I was lucky to have one more year with my wonderful Emily.  The homemade food was a huge improvement for her—she had more energy and stamina than I’d seen in her for several years.  Unfortunately, the cancerous tumors that invaded her pancreas grew too swiftly, and claimed her life much too soon.  

       I wondered if her disease was, in part, the result of feeding her only commercial dog food.  I had been convinced, by TV commercials and “expert” advice,  that feeding her “human food” would be irresponsible and dangerous to her health. However, Emily did much better on her homemade chicken-and-rice diet than she had on the commercial foods, and overcame many of her prior health problems.   Unfortunately, it was too little, too late. Now I have a new furry family member, Chloe, who has helped heal my broken heart.  She is a rescue dog, so I don’t know anything about what diseases or conditions she may be liable to develop based upon her breed’s genetic tendencies.  I also have a lot of dog to feed—she is 110 lbs. of energy and fun!  I am determined to feed Chloe the healthiest dog food I can offer her.  The question in my mind is:  what IS the healthiest food to feed her?

      I’ve been reading articles and news feed stories about many  commercial dog foods that have been recalled for various dangers:  one was tainted with Salmonella, another E-coli, and others containing further pathogenic infestations.  I have also been reading about homemade dog food’s nutritional superiority, and safety, as compared with commercial food.  I welcome your thoughts, experiences, and knowledge about dog food.  And, good homemade dog food recipes?

Daisy Dog Mom

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