Dogfood Safety Crisis of 2019

Story by Daisy Dogmom
Sharon Wood, writer
Image by Ludwig Willimann from Pixabay

Dogfood Safety Crisis of 2019

In case you haven’t  had a chance to peruse the news feeds lately, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is facing quite a challenge in getting pet food companies to clean up their act.  There have  been several dog food recalls ordered by the FDA from certain dog food companies  because the FDA discovered Salmonella had tainted the food and treats that we buy and feed to our dogs.  It’s becoming a major health threat as people can be infected with Salmonella just by handling the food!  So far, there have been at least 127 people infected to date. 

To read about which dog food companies are involved in the recalls, go to for reference.  You can also get information about this Salmonella crisis at

I am shocked at some of the companies’ reactions to this dog food crisis!  For instance, a pet food company named “Answers Pet Food“, owned by Lystn LLC,  actually filed a lawsuit against the FDA, “saying the agency’s intolerance of Salmonella contamination violates the U.S. Constitution and is a bunch of ‘gobbledygook’.”  (Beach, Coral.  July 29, 2019, “Pet food firm sues FDA; wants some Salmonella to be allowed” Food Safety News), also via Twitter and Facebook @foodsafetynews, and

Under current Federal law, the FDA considers a pet food to be  “adulterated” when it is contaminated by any Salmonella.  Pet food may not be sold if it contains any Salmonella, and the FDA will demand a recall of all products containing any Salmonella, to protect consumers and their pets.

Answers Pet Food representatives state that it’s wrong to prohibit bacterial content in food.  Officials from “Answers Pet Food” contend “. . . it’s OK to have ‘detectable levels’ of Salmonella because it’s not always harmful  to humans or pets.” To read the full report, go to the following website through Twitter, Facebook or your internet browser, (Beach, Coral, “Pet food firm sues FDA: wants some Salmonella to be allowed”.)  The  article, by Ms. Beach, resides at:

How many of you feel it’s okay to have a little bit of Salmonella in your dinner?  How about your dog’s dinner?  Also, it looks like there’s more bacterial and parasitical threats to add to the contamination list, as Listeria and E.coli are entering  the recall situation:

“In its most recent recall, on March 26, 2018, Arrow Reliance/Darwin’s Natural recalled ZooLogics Chicken with Vegetable Meals for Dogs (Lot #43887 and 44037), ZooLogics Turkey with Vegetable Meals for Dogs (Lot #44127), and ZooLogics Duck with Organic Vegetables Meals for Dogs (Lot # 44147) after FDA found that the products tested positive for Salmonella and/or Shiga toxin-producing E. coli.  These products have the potential to cause illness and death in humans and animals. The company states that it only sells its products online through direct-to-consumer sales.

FDA has investigated six complaints of illness and/or death in animals that have eaten previously recalled Darwin’s Natural Selections and/or Darwin’s ZooLogics products.  For the original article, read at, for more information go to: to us to let us know how you feel about this dogfood crisis of 2019!  You can be heard, and read, at  We want to hear from you!